What manner of men?


What manner of men?

by Cody Nelson | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

His presentation is an examination of three questions:

First, who is Jesus Christ and how did He accomplish His work?

Second, what is reality and the nature of Faith in Jesus Christ?

Third, how can we come be as Saints is and do as Our Saviour would?

Though I’m thoroughly unqualified to teach this presentation, I hope that the way that I ask these questions and the scriptures that I share can help those who come.


Cody Nelson was born a lifetime ago in Minnesota. He is the son of Colby and the late Rebecca Nelson.  He enjoys playing the piano and the company and conversation of good people. Especially if there is a glass of ice water and a Mexican restaurant.   He lives in Lehi with his father, brothers and sisters and grandparents.



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