Worshiping the Lord Through Music (1:28:00min)


Worshiping the Lord Through Music Part 1 Music in the Scriptures

by Yvonne Bent | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

Music is found in  the scriptures.  Not just the fact that David wrote the psalms, but something much bigger and far more powerful. Who were the people singing to? What they were singing about?, and most importantly, why they were in this form of singing and praising? It was because they were in the posture of petitioning and thanking the only being that can, has, and will always deliver His precious children from the greatest calamities and bondage in every time and season, and the bondage was a consequence of their choices, ignorant or otherwise….May I issue a reminder and invitation that comes to us in the most gentle of words: Come, Follow Me, the Savior said. I would gather you as a hen gathers her chicks. His promises are sure. His word is love. His arms are the ones we want to have in and around us forever to protect, defend, and comfort us in every time.

Yvonne Bent a native of Salt Lake City, grew up in a home steeped with the arts.  Talented in dance and music, she pursued her passions as well as raising 5 children.  She is married to Frank Bent and has 10 beautiful grandchildren.

She is a seasoned veteran and died in the wool proponent of homeschooling.  Wife, mother, author, musician, world traveler, voracious reader; loves to understand the multiple subject hidden in plain sight in the scriptures, and is currently waiting for the next remarkable learning experience around the corner.




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