Working Together as a Couple – Christopher & Melanie Ballard


Working Together as a Couple
Christopher & Melanie Ballard

United in Faith–Working as a Couple to Utilize God’s Power In Your Homeschooling Adventure
Studies show that home environments, including the strength of the relationship of the parents, affect the children not just emotionally, and spiritually but academically. Strengthening your marriage may very well be the best thing you can do for your children’s education. We will give hand-on tools and tips to strengthen your marriage by working together and working in FAITH. Come learn practices that will improve your relationship, the quality of your home education and your ability to move mountians.

Chris and Melanie are a joy to work with. They came into the studio a little hesitant but their questions were answered and they were immediately at ease. They were very well prepared.
They asked Thom and I to participate in a role play to set up their presentation – it was great and a little uncomfortable because I’m not an actor and didn’t know the script, but we had a good time.  Their message was a great one for all families. We learned about Family Leadership Counsels, what they are, how to have them and how to over come some of the problems that may arise.
Their interview, where I asked them personal questions, was one of my favorites. They answered the questions beautifully, but I was so impressed with how they lead their family, their yearly traditions and I especially loved how they kept a record of their traditions. Check it out!

Chris and Melanie have seven children ranging from 17 to three years old. They have homeschooled their children since the beginning of their education, giving them 14+ years of experience. They are founders of: Moms’ Retreat, Dads’ Retreat, Gathering Home Foundation, and the Homeschool Family Network. They also serve as a lead couple for Marriage Enrichment. Melanie is a personal mentor for homeschooling mothers. She also lectures in church and educational settings, including speaking at the World Congress of Families IX. She was voted by her peers “2015 Influential Homeschool Leader.” She received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from BYU and a master’s degree in education from George Wythe University. Christopher is an attorney for the Utah Attorney General’s office in the Criminal Appeals division. Christopher graduated from BYU in political science and then BYU Law School. Together Chris and Melanie have a mission to protect and strengthen families–especially homeschooling families and this powerful mission gives them great joy!
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