Clear Your Vessel and Connect with Your Purpose (52:33)


Clear Your Vessel and Connect with Your Purpose

by Maria Olson | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015 Southern Utah

Our body and spirit are interconnected, everything that happens to our body affects our spirit and everything that happens to our spirit affects our body. Come learn how to clear your body, mind and spirit to create vitality, joy and purpose! You were born with the power to do it, we are Son’s and Daughters of God, with all the power we need to heal- this power is inside our very own heart, body and mind. 

My name is Cynthia Sumner, I love to eat healthy, run out in the mountains, bike, swim, dance, serve others, read, draw and sing. I have 4 beautiful children- 1 girl and 3 boys and have been married to my handsome and amazing husband for 17 years. We love to do anything and everything outdoors. I am the owner and Founder of Healing Leaf. I am a Wholistic Health Coach/Mentor, speaker and author. I believe in vitality, joy and success! I love sharing the light and knowledge I have been blessed with!

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