Youth Acting Class


Use Theatre skill while learning history!  Porter Rockwell, Joseph and Hyrum Smith have left to go to the Rocky Mountains to escape arrest and to build up the area to prepare it for the church members.  At Montrose, Iowa a letter from Emma catches up with him to ask him to return.   The decision is to return or to move on.  Using Pantomime, Improvisation, Tableau, Storytelling, and Playwriting you will explore the possibilities of both decisions, what would lead to the various choices and the reasoning behind it.  Fun interactive class.

Eileen Nagle M.Ed.  Eileen Home schooled her 5 children over a 17 year span, in 3 states and in various settings. She earned a masters degree in education and taught in charter and private schools from preschool through university levels using the techniques she perfected while home schooling. Currently Eileen is the Outreach Coordinator for the  Noorda Theatre Center for Children and Youth at UVU where she teaches others how to use theatre techniques to teach academic curriculum.

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