Dianne’s Homeschool Story

Nicholeen Peck

Dianne McLean

Dianne has been homeschooling since 2003, has worked with thousands of homeschoolers and hundreds of homeschool group leaders, and participated in issues which affect the homeschool community as a whole. She specializes in working with middle to high school level groups to help prepare for college entry and is familiar with the latest developments affecting future college students. She directs a national support organization, Home Education Council of America (hecoa.com), where she leads online seminars and webinars in an innovative online setting to offer live conferences no matter where you are in the world.

Making History Relative

(spiritual version)

How do you make history more exciting and real for your children? Talk about people who they can connect to! Most history curricula follows the empirical, traditional method of short-listing dates, places, and names of prominent dead people who aren’t very interesting to kids. Neil L. Anderson put forth a challenge for youth to “prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple, and help someone else to do the same.” (#templechallenge) He was speaking of doing your own ancestral and temple work, and with this comes an amazing opportunity for homeschoolers to incorporate stories ​ and timelines from your own family genealogy to change your child’s entire perception of history. I will show you how to actually homeschool using genealogy as your history curriculum – even into all the disciplines of math, language arts, science, social studies, and more.

Teaching Spanish using the Book of Mormon

Learn Spanish with the Book of Mormon and other simple tools.