Ensign Peak Academy

Announcing: An online private middle and high school serving the LDS community, now accepting students in grades 7-12, for the 2018-19 school year.

Joy in Scholarship: Ensign Peak Academy invites and teaches students to become the kind of scholars who are able to recognize, appreciate, seek for and enjoy that which is good, true and beautiful.

Learning in Light of the Restored Gospel: By design, Ensign Peak Academy courses demonstrate to students that “all things denote there is a God.” Emphasis is placed on seeing the hand of God in all aspects of life.

A Love for Liberty: The curriculum is woven with stories, principles, articles, examples, speeches and teachings that honor those who have established liberty, and who promote the cause of liberty in our day.

Experience a high-touch, low-tuition education.

Visit us at ensignpeakacademy.com

Director: Diann Jeppson; Office: 801-450-5016


Family Centered Education Unit Studies

Elementary level learning and teaching resources for homeschool families, arranged into units, including:

slide shows, videos, website links, activities, timeline cards, guest and field trip ideas, memorizations and a gamification strategy.


One new unit study released each month

Unit studies are not lesson plans–rather they are simply arranged, easy to use learning and teaching resources for ages 3-12, and they are…

Completely Free!


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