Experius International Academy is a K-12 Private School based on the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As our school expands to more cities in the United States, and countries in North and South America, Africa, and Europe, we have chosen a name for the Academy that accurately reflects our international reach. The name also describes our learning model – learning by experience. We are part of a larger organization – World Prime – which stands for “Promoting Religion Integrated Moral Education”. We are proud to be a part of this movement and invite you to become a part of it, too.

We are excited to bring you a full service LDS based online school for grades K though 12.

We offer Part-time Standard or Full-time Day School for our Lower School. Give your K-8 child the experience of being in a live classroom with other students from all over the world, while being guided, engaged, and challenged by a highly qualified and gifted teacher/mentor.

Our teacher led high school program offers gospel-based general education courses, BYU Independent Study accredited courses, annual international Youth Conferences, fun and engaging teachers, team learning with students around the world, and a diploma upon completion of graduation requirements.


Learn more at Experiusedu.com

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