Hannah Stoddard

Hannah Stoddard


L. Hannah Stoddard is the producer or director of six documentary films: For Our Day: Covenant on the Land, For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments, Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration, The Prophet Joseph: More than we know, Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets: Revelation 11 and Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & the Lost Tribes in the Lands of the North. She is currently producing her seventh documentary, “Quest for the Nephite Remnant: New Zealand, Japan & Europe”. Hannah directs Joseph Smith Foundation projects including LDS Answers, Joseph Smith Forum, Joseph Smith Academy, Guardians of an Altar and ZionVision. L. Hannah Stoddard was home educated by her wonderful parents, James and Sarah Stoddard. She has worked as a graphic design artist, software developer, history and literature teacher, videographer, project manager and research assistant. She also enjoys working with her family on their homestead called “Highland Cathedral Estate” and studying health, agriculture and other aspects of provident living.

2018 - Two Foundational Principles for All Learning

Joseph Smith has been called “America’s greatest educator” and yet the Prophet’s principles for successful education have largely been forgotten! After studying the writings of the Prophet and the scriptures for over a decade, our family discovered 10 principles Joseph Smith emphasized–principles any family can utilize! During this presentation, we will explore two principles with practical tips and “success stories” from our family’s education experience.

  • What if the hours spent “homeschooling” could be used to make a difference in the world? Is it possible to involve the entire family (with varying ages and talents)?
  • How can we implement the Gospel of Jesus Christ into seemingly secular, academic subjects?
  • Are your children ready to face the 21st century with confidence? Will they stand firm? Do they know what they believe and why?
  • How do we ensure our children are academically prepared to deal with the real world?
  • How do you motivate children to work on their own?
  • How can we raise children who focus on serving others, rather than themselves?
  • How can a service, project-based education help children who are apathetic or rebelling?
  • Is the home one of the most undervalued, underestimated and forgotten weapons against the adversary in our age?