JaKell Sullivan

JaKell Sulivan


JaKell Sullivan was born and raised in Richfield, Utah and loved playing in the red hills with her three sisters and one brother. She was the first female student body president of Richfield High.

JaKell co-founded Utahns Against Common Core in 2012. In 2014, JaKell co-founded Return to Parental Rights to help more parents get engaged in their children’s educations. By 2015, she was co-founding Gathering Families to help Christian families defend religious freedom by protecting mother’s and father’s roles as stewards over their children’s educations.

JaKell and her husband Kingsley enjoy raising their sweet daughter and their fun-loving son who was brought to them through divine providence and the blessing of adoption. Together, they are learning about the significance of family unity and faith in God.

2018 - We are Responsible for Our Children's Education

We are Responsible for Our Children’s Education

The government enjoys being in control of our children’s education. They slowly ease their way into our educational system until they take over all learning. There are things we can do to remain in control.

The challenges that the youth of today face are different than what we faced. There are things we can do to arm and assist them in facing these challenges.