Janeen Brady

Janeen Brady


Janeen has been involved with some aspect of music virtually every day of her life. She studied music education at BYU, where she then met and married Ted Brady, a fellow musician. Together they have raised nine children. In 1978, Janeen and Ted founded Brite Music, Inc., and have since devoted their lives to helping children and families find joy through music. Janeen has written and recorded 37 albums and has received many awards, both local and national, for her music for children. She is a popular speaker and has appeared hundreds of times throughout the United States and Canada.

2018 - Music to the Ear

Janeen has loved music since she was very little. All growing up she was told she had a special talent that would bless the world. As she had children she wrote for them and the world. Soon she realized that each of her children had special talents too, just different than hers. She now believes that all of us have talents, many talents and that all of the talents are give to us to bless the lives of others. Music is a part of all of our lives now, but music that brings us closer to Christ becomes everlasting to our hearts as well as our ears.

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