Joyce Kinmont

Joyce Kinmont


The Kinmont family began homeschooling since 1975.  Those were hard times with much opposition, but homeschooling was the best educational decision they ever made.  They have raised capable, intelligent, talented children with wonderful spouses, and they’re enjoying a bounteous crop of delightful grandchildren.

The LDS Home Educators was formed in 1990 to support members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, particularly those outside of Utah who were often alone.  Annual conferences were held through 2007. There is a resurgence of excitement about homeschooling, especially as the LDS church is promoting more effective methods of religious teaching in the home.  Those methods work for math and grammar too.

2018 - Our Family Culture

“Men’s souls conform to the society in which they live,” said Hyrum Smith. Our family culture shapes our children. Godly-Education has been restored. Come learn how we can strengthen our family culture, understand the  history of education, overcome our enemy and build Zion.