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Announcing: A NEW LDS History Book with original sources.

PROVIDENCE AND PATRIOTS is finally here—after 20 years of teaching and 8 years of research and writing by Brent and Kolleen DeGraff! Providence and Patriots is filled with original source stories of great American patriots and stories illustrating God’s hand in preparing and preserving America for the role the Restored Gospel is to play. Stories that will make you cry, laugh, and understand how God brings about his purposes for America.

In a world of secular textbooks where any mention of God or miracles is forbidden, you will want this book in your library, so your children and grandchildren will remember the miracles of Dorchester Heights in the American Revolution, the battle of San Jacinto in response to the Alamo, women at the American frontier, Teddy Roosevelt’s charge at San Juan Hill, Patton’s prayer in WWII, and the preservation of the American Navy at Pearl Harbor. Providence and Patriots is 750 pages of stories that will pull at your heart strings and remind us all that God does intervene in the affairs of men and countries.

“When the real history of the world is written, it will show God’s dealings with men and the place the gospel has played in the rise and fall of nations.” —Bruce R. McConkie

Providence and Patriots is a compilation of providential events and the patriotic men and women who have helped bring about God’s master plan for America. Unlike secular history books, which eliminate any reference to the miracles that shaped American history, this history book reintroduces the divine interposition of Heaven as it blends original historical sources and inspired words of LDS apostles and prophets regarding our nation’s origin and destiny.

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