Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson


Mary Ann Johnson is the mother of seven children and has been happily married for 46 years and blessed with 13 grandchildren. She is a teacher, mentor, author, and family connection expert. She has a Masters degree in education. 

Her favorite pastime is reading and learning. She is particularly fond of history. Her secret desires are to become a good painter, play the piano decently and if she lives long enough, to learn to dance jazz. 

Her current passion is to complain less, be tranquil and to suspend judgment. She wasn’t prepared for how much work this would take. Mary Ann feels she will live to be 120. When all is said and done she wants to be remembered as charitable, filled with life and laughter, and always learning something new 

2018 - We Can Become More Like Christ by Studying People in History

I would like to talk about four people, both positive and negative, and how learning about their lives and the circumstances that they lived in either brought them to or away from Christ; how looking at their lives can help us make choices and commitments for our own lives. I will specifically share some ordinary, daily activities, outside of set school time, when we can share historical events and people in a way that will draw our children into the conversation.