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“Today’s conference was incredible….very pithy content with so much to digest and put to work! I really want my husband and sister, who does not homeschool, to watch it. Thanks again for following the spirit and giving us this conference!!”

Jennifer Hahn

“Tresta, thank so much.  That was just deep soul food, My heart had been craving.  I soaked it up ?❤️  looking forward to more.  Thanks for the light and learning.” 🙂

Wendy Armour

“Thanks for your insights and platform for teaching others! We live in Kelowna where there are very few members, ie: my son is basically the only active priest in our ward. So it is nice to tap into the strength of LDS communities wherever we can find it.”

Colleen Bates

“Hi, Tresta! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your Symbology Class and I am so grateful for all the time and knowledge that you put into it to share with us! I can’t wait to teach it to my children!”

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