Nannette Wiggins

Nannette Wiggins


Nannette Neubert Wiggins and her husband Marvin live in Orem. She is the mother of five and the grandmother of many. She and her husband are currently serving as missionaries in the Pathway Program in Orem They were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Addiction Recovery Program. Nannette graduated in elementary education from BYU. She enjoyed home-schooled her own children for 23 years and now has the privilege of supporting her daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews as a literature teacher in the family school. She and her sister Jane Mack write the geography lessons for the Family School curriculum for the American Heritage School. She loves to bike and swim and walk along (and in the river). She has a passion for writing and has enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of singing for many years with the Utah Lyric Opera Society. She loves to learn and then teach and is deeply committed to the truth that we can teach the gospel in and through all areas of learning. 

2018 - Geography

Matthew Fontaine Maury was an American Christian geographer, astronomer, and the father of oceanography or the study of the ocean. He lived from 1806–1873. He defined geography as “a description of the surface of the earth, and its inhabitants.” Matthew Maury divided the study of geography into three branches: mathematical, physical, and political. We will discuss each of these three branches in detail and I will share examples of how we, my co-op, taught these to our children.

Geography is the setting of where Christ, story takes place. Every continent, lake, shore line, cloud has a purpose in God’s work.