Patti Landes

Patti Landes


Patti R. Landes is a K-12 school administrator and teacher/mentor. Her passion is gospel-based, integrated whole learning – the Hebraic approach. She feels strongly that “any education is little more than miscellaneous learning if God is not at the foundation.”

She has written numerous articles about education and has spoken to hundreds of adults and youth about the blessings of maintaining the gospel of Jesus Christ as the foundation of education. She currently oversees K-12 curriculum research and development for Experius International Academy.

She is also the President of World Prime, Inc, a non-profit corporation whose goal is to “promote religion integrated moral education” throughout the world. She is currently working in Europe, overseeing the ESOL program which provides English language and special education services to Church members and the general public in non-English speaking countries.

Patti holds a B.S. in Instructional Design, with a minor in Italian. She is excited about the gospel as the foundation in education, and empowering parents to direct their children’s learning. She also enjoys discovering and utilizing technological resources to engage students and improve retention.

Her life’s mission is sharing the gospel and helping children and youth discover their divine mission. Her greatest joy is being the mother of eight “yours, mine, and ours” children, and “nonna” to fourteen wonderful grandchildren.

2018 Hebraic Approach to Education

When we education in the Lord’s way we learn through experiences and seeking for answers. The Greek method of teaching is walk behind me and pick up the pieces of knowledge I leave with you and you will be blessed. The Hebrew method is to walk beside you and guide you to the answers you seek. Learn how to be a guide with your children.