Early Morning Scripture Mentoring

Hebrew – Principles – Symbols (every Tuesday and Thursday morning)

Ever feel like you are reading the scriptures and not getting anything from it? This class will show you how to study your scriptures and how to find nuggets. We go through how the scriptures are broken up into words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs each with a specific purpose. We talk about Greek and Hebrew meanings.

We set individual goals and report each week how we are doing and how we can improve. Weekly awards are given when we reach our individual goals collectively. Each class contains lecture and discussion. Bring your questions and experiences.

We go through the ancient Biblical Tabernacle one room at a time, learning its furniture and symbolic meaning that applies to both Christ and our lives. For example the Menorah is symbolic of the Tree of Life, the Burning Bush, Pillar of Fire (shekenah), the number seven, the Love of God, The Light of the World, Jesus Christ, as the first fruits of the Resurrection (depicted by the almond buds, blossoms and nuts). God’s presence is always there, just as the light of the menorah is always lit. God gives us the gift of his son, Jesus and Jesus gives us the gift of his presence, constantly with us, guiding, direction and lighting our way back home.

Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5:30-7:00 MT, (excluding holidays).