Spiritual Growth

Your relationship with God, the Father and Jesus Christ are foundational to all learning. This section focuses on how God communicates with you and how the spirit speaks to you and how to increase your faith focusing on your strengths.

Character Development

You are the instrument for your learning. This section is about increasing your self-concept, confidence, and happiness.

Family Relationships

Relationships are the foundation to learning and homeschooling. This section contains advice on strengthening your marriage and increasing your parenting skills.

Increase in Learning

“Teach a just man and he will increase in Learning” (Prov 9:9) This section is filled with learning styles, stages of learning, teaching tips and how to identify and teach with the Spirit.

Home Learning

Once your relationships are in order you are ready to learn. This section contains videos on how to homeschool in general to teaching specific subjects.


Do you remember a specific talk from a certain conference? Here are the presentations arranged by conference. Choose which one you remember.