Tammy Hulse

Tammy Hulse


Tammy Hulse is the creator of the Hearthstone Education Plan website and is serving as the Vice-President of HomeMakers for America. She started homeschooling six years ago when her daughter entered 7th grade. She is a strong proponent of a heart-based education and believes that the Spirit of God is the most powerful tool we have to nurture the hearts of the rising generation. As a mother of seven children and grandmother of eight, she recognizes both the challenges and rewards that mothers experience each day. If she could condense her message into one sentence it would be to exercise faith in Jesus Christ, do your best and trust Him to guide you and consecrate your efforts for your good.

2018 - Divine Patterns in Education

Heavenly Father’s plan of progression allows His children to learn “line upon line and precept upon precept”. Faith, repentance, covenants, and the Holy Ghost are critical elements in this plan. These elements can also be applied to education. The Doctrine of Christ is composed of basic principles that repeat over and over in a pattern of cycles throughout our lives. There are daily cycles, weekly cycles, monthly cycles, yearly cycles, etc. As long as students are moving forward through the cycles, with the tools of prayer, scripture study, obedience, service, etc. they can trust the Lord to guide them in learning all subjects.

The title of the blog Tammy mentions is Peace Like a River it can be found at mightyhealing.blogspot.com    Here’s the link to the education page where her slide presentation is located: