The Language of Symbology



Increasing Curiosity, Thinking
and Receiving Revelation


January 18 – April 26, 2019

The Language of God!

How well do you know the Language of God?
Would you like to be better at the Language of Symbolism?

This is not like any other language class out there. This is a language class where you’ll learn to receive sermons from a simple shape or color. God speaks to us both directly and indirectly through symbols, our job is to learn to “decode” it, but that is not the hard part – the hard part is that we are not accustomed to thinking through such simple language.


The Language of Symbolism

A few weeks ago I was at the temple with my daughter. While waiting for a room a matron asked me, “Do you know what this represents?” pointing to a design on the wooden doorway of a circle within a square.

“Yes, I do” I replied. Surprised, she gazed at me as if to be sure she heard me correctly. “It means heaven and earth coming together, it is the basic symbol of all temples,” I offered.

“That’s right” she exclaimed, “the circle represents heaven and the square is a symbol of earth and its four corners. Most people don’t know that.”

We had a wonderful conversation about symbols and architecture. She mentioned how this lost language was a true gem to her and her husband. It simplifies conversation and increases understanding of the ordinances. We discussed how wonderful it was to be able to sit in a room, observe the architecture and art work of the room and receive a sermon from God. I left inspired and uplifted.

Imagine the fun you could have observing the next temple you visit. With the skills you pick up in this class, you too can receive a sermon from God.

The prophets, Christ himself and the current prophets use this language. Come, increase your skills and thinking ability with the Language of Symbolism class.


I’m looking for families interested in learning this language who will discuss and interact with the symbol being presented.


The purpose of the class

  • Gain a stronger relationship and understanding of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and their teachings.
  • Learn how to think and ask questions
  • Use symbols to enhance your understanding of principles
  • Find connections between principles with symbols
  • Help principles go from knowledge to understanding
  • Showing personal application with language
  • How to find and use doctrines and principles
  • Increase your testimony through symbols
  • Find solutions to your problems with modern symbols
  • AND how to apply the knowledge of symbols to your personal and family life.

My Goals

  1. To show how amazing the language of symbolism can be
  2. To prove that you can learn this language as a family (multiple ages)
  3. Help you become fluent in the language of symbolism


What Can You Expect

  • This is a language class for the whole family, the content will be geared for youth and adults with coloring activities the younger ones can work on.
  • It will take place online once a week.
  • The cost is $77 per family for all 14 weeks of classes.
  • We will meet in the mornings every Wednesday, starting January 16 at 9:30 am to 10:45 am (possibly longer, depending on the content and questions)
  • This class will go from January 16 through April 24

My children (ages 6-16) and I took the Symbolic Math Class on circles. We had no idea there was so much symbology and beauty in a circle. We learned through pictures, videos, works of art, stories, quotes, scriptures and experiments. My oldest son asked me a few days ago when we were going to do the next class because he missed it. I can’t believe how much I thought about circles through this class and how symbolic they are. The class was so enlightening. I think differently now. I am so grateful to Tresta for loving this subject and sharing her love of it with us. If you’re thinking about taking a class, do it! You won’t be disappointed!

Susan Wallis

What you’ll learn

  • How to read, speak and interpret the language of symbols
  • How to observe, notice a symbol
  • How not to limit symbols
  • How to tell a true symbol from its counterpart
  • To receive sermons from a simple symbols

Plus You’ll Learn…

  • Discover twelve of God’s greatest symbols
  • Learn that you help others when you know this language
  • Gain a stronger connection with God the Father
  • Understand the creation of the earth better
  • Have more confidence

What you’ll create

  • A Symbology notebook complete with vocabulary
  • A perfect circle
  • A sequence
  • Your own and family symbols
  • Several symbolic drawings

Class Outline

is as follows (it may change as the class progresses):

  • What is the language of Symbol?
  • Why symbols?
  • The etymology of the word symbol
  • The ten principles of interpreting a symbol
  • Parables
  • Metaphors and Similes
  • Allegory
  • Types and Shadows
  • Typical people, event, institutions, offices and actions
  • Archetype
  • Signs and Tokens
  • Emblem, similitude, typology, symbolism, model, etc.
  • Analysis
  • Denotation and Connotation
  • What to avoid in Interpreting a Symbol
  • Many, many Examples of Symbols

My 10 and 13 yr old boys describe Thom and Tresta’s Symbolic Math classes as “awesome” and “very interesting!” They love their classes as they are engaging and taught within the context of the gospel as Tresta brings in concepts of the plan of salvation to tie it all to the gospel and truth. They teach with love and encourage curiosity and questions. They are organized and prepared and engaging and bring the most exciting and interesting parts out of the text. Tresta takes an extreme amount of time to make her power points awesome and they have the coolest videos…my kids beg to go back and watch the replays of their classes and they are thrilled to read the material because Tresta lights the fire of curiosity in them. Tresta and Thom have saved me in the science and math areas of our homeschool shedding huge amounts of light onto these subjects in ways that are unique and beautiful! How grateful I am for their amazing mentorship in our homeschool!!!

- Jennifer Hahn

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Paper
    • Scrap paper to practice on
    • A notebook for notes and vocabulary (composition book) OR plain paper to add to a
    • Ring binder
  • Math compass
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Printer to print off the activities
  • Other household items:
  • Each lesson may have extra things and you’ll get a supply list before class.