The Happiest People

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Oh My! If you have ever questioned if you should have your children homeschooled during high school Watch This Presentation! You’ll hear the testimonies of two fantastic youth and their personal experiences. Wow!
Also in Called to Learn’s June Session titled Youth – The Happiest People, you will learn:

  • The importance of teaching truth first
  • About committing to the path you and God choose
  • How trusting God with your education leads to great experiences than you could yourself
  • The importance of understanding roles
  • 5 things that will up level your happiness in just 10 minutes a day

“The phrase, ‘after the manner of happiness’ suggests a quest for happiness, not necessarily happiness itself.” ~ Jeffery R. Holland

Looking for a particular segment? Here’s a help, you’ll find:

Brenda Haws at 1:26

Addy Eisenach at 58:3

Thom & Tresta Part 1 at 1:35:50

Jacob Householder at 1:54:38

Thom & Tresta Part 2 at 2:36:34