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86% of those who feel the calling to homeschool quit in the first three years!

When we first started homeschooling we were filled with wonder and vision of happy, smart, social children. Within the first years the excitement fades and we begin to wonder if we’ll get through all the plan we made at the beginning.


Here’s what we fight against.

  • Family and Friends telling us to put them back in school
  • Questions fill our mind, “Is this the right thing?” “Will I ruin them?” “Am I giving them everything I need?” “Will they ‘make it’ in the real world?” “Are they behind?” “
  • The public opinion is to keep them in public school.
  • The relationship between us and our child becomes strained because of how we are teaching them.

We have all been there and felt this way at some point. It doesn’t have to be that way. We want to share with you some insights to make a small shift in perspective and you can have an increase of energy and joy that will help you through the hard times.


What if you:

  • Could confidently teach God’s purpose for every subject
  • Could hear from those that have “made it” with their children as thriving, righteous adults
  • Could instill a love of God and country more abundantly
  • Your children knew how to recognize and apply righteous principles easily
  • Knew how to recognize the poisonous literature and inoculate against it
  • Knew how to recognize the genius in each child
  • Knew how to help foster a strong relationship between God and your child


  • Knowing simple principles that when used would brighten your day in minutes
  • Receiving the light, love and healing God is already sending you
  • Uniting with others fighting this same battle
  • Having tools to restore interest and enthusiasm for virtue

Sounds too Good to Be True, right?

It really isn’t. Let’s start at the beginning. You feel the call to educate your children, you have taken responsibility to impact and strengthen your family – you already are doing great!!!

Your efforts will not be forgotten.


  Here is our gift to you!

We have interviewed dozens of homeschoolers throughout the nation and hosted eight homeschool conferences. We have asked them how they made it through the rough times and the nagging questions. We have put them all in the Called to Learn Library for you to view and glean from.  There are homeschooling stories, tips and full presentations from the past eight homeschool conferences and interviews. They will inspire you, encourage you, fill you with wonder and give you new ideas. We encourage you to listen to and/or watch as many as you’d like – make the small changes that you are inspired to do. These small shifts in perspective will help you get through the hard times with smile on your face and happy children around you.

Your children will thank you and bless your name because you are taking the time to make these small shifts that will make all the difference in the end.

Access to dozens of Interviews and hundreds of audios from Gospel Directed Homeschoolers only $14.97 a month, but during the conference it is only $10/month.